Biometric Security: What The Customer Wants 

Ten years ago all you had to do was present your drivers license at a bank or enter a PIN and that was it. Those days are gone!

All financial institutions are based on customer trust and loyalty. Identity theft and fraud actively erodes this trust. 


This is not the fault of the institutions but instead the result of increasingly sophisticated hackers.

The Solution?  

Two thirds of Americans support the use of biometrics in banking and welcome efforts to secure their identity.

Survey by Telestra

ePortID™ and PalmSecure™ from Fujitsu, lets you attach a highly accurate (99.99992%)  palm vein  biometric authentication at any location or for any system that requires it. 


It's very fast (2 seconds) and it's contactless. 

No costly integration required, easy to set up, easy to use. ​

Prevent fraud

• Increase security

• Increase efficiency 

• Improve customer experience

• Reduce customer waiting times

Where Can I Use This?

At counters, on desks, safety deposit vaults, ATM's, single-sign-on to data systems, access control, in fact anywhere customers and staff need to use it.  


There is even a mobile application so you can take service to the customer as soon as they walk in the door. 


Customers understand that biometrics increases their security when accessing bank services. 

360 million banking customers     used biometrics for payment    security during 2015 

Biometrics in banking is increasing and growing fast. 

By 2020 biometrics will secure payments of  over $5.6 trillion