Biometric Identity Verification Palm Vein

In Facility Security The Big Questions Are

Who Are You?

Do You Have Access Permission?

Whether they arrive by foot or by car you need to know, in real time, if they are who they say they are and if they are allowed access.


ePortPass™ does the work for you to solve the problem quickly and efficiently. Positive identity verification with an easy to use, highly reliable palm vein biometric technology is the answer. 


ePortPass™ is affordable and rapidly deployed. Stand alone solutions or interoperable with existing systems and hardware. 

ePortPass™ is pleased to announce it's new Quintain™ Gate Security System that integrates TWIC card verification in real-time. Designed for all maritime facilities but in particular Class A sites the Quintain system meets and exceeds US Coast Guard and TSA requirements.


Totally Mobile:


It isn't just about the perimeter, its about the whole facility, inside or out. Use ePortPass™ anywhere and we mean anywhere. It can be fixed to a door, a turnstile, a gate or deployed in the field or even in a field! A complete solution that lets you take it to the tactical front to secure your business.

Easy to Use:


So easy to use a child can do it. Contactless; hold your hand over the reader and it's done. We built it so you can use 2 or 3 factor authentication as well. Incorporate PIN numbers,  drivers licenses, passports, TWIC cards, CAC cards or any form of ID you decide is OK.

Living System:


It's the real world. It changes. We change with it. ePortPass™ is a living system that seamlessly and rapidly adapts and adjusts to new regulations, policies and procedures. 

21'st Century Security 


Accurate Identity Verification in Real-Time.


ePortPass™ integrates Fujitsu PalmSecure® technology to confirm identity in under 2 seconds. Combined with our sophisticated rules engine ePortPass™ is a total security solution.

Security Palm Vein Scan Mobile
Security Palm Vein Scan Mobile
Security Palm Vein Scan Mobile
Security Palm Vein Scan Mobile
Security Palm Vein Scan Mobile
Security Palm Vein Scan Mobile
Security Palm Vein Scan Mobile

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Power Stations














Nuclear Power









Link Locations:


Link together all your locations into one common operating picture. It doesn't matter if it's two facilities or twenty, you can see all activity in real time and receive security alerts from any location ePortPass™ is active in.

Highly Secure:

Your information is secure and encrypted.  We meet and exceed security requirements for our Military customers and conform to the highest commercial protection standards.

Random Challenge & Alerts:


No computer can substitue for that million year old tickle at the back of the neck . ePortPass™ gives  security personnel the tools to randomly challenge anywhere in the security zone.  If there's a problem alerts are generated in real-time by e-mail and text message and alerts continue until the issue is resolved. 

Real Time:

Information in real time is everything. The ability to know there is a problem and have that knowledge available to everyone in the organization, as it happens, is priceless. Stop trouble in it's tracks and do it now.