ePortID™ is hands down the best biometric identity verification solution available on the market today.

Using palm vein scanning we have given context and capabilities to this amazing technology and answer identity verification needs in a variety of locations and situations.

Software Features

  • Simple and Intuitive Interface
  • Permissions and Rules based system
  • Enroll once, use everywhere
  • Ability to Network Data via the Cloud
  • Ability to Network Data locally
  • XML communication to feed data to your systems
  • XML communication to control palm scanning
  • Multiple Palm templates per User
  • TWIC Enabled
The ePortID™ suite of solutions provides sets of easy to use, flexible and configurable tools you can tailor to your requirements and at an affordable price.

You can use it for:


  • Security

  • Physical access control:

  • Workforce management

  • Patient identity integrity;

  • Visitor/vendor management

  • Logical access 


and a host of other possibilities only you can define. 


You can use it at:


  • Buildings

  • Offices

  • Server rooms

  • Data Centers

  • Hospitals

  • Warehouses

  • Storage Depots

  • Factories

  • Research Labs

  • Seaports

  • Airports

  • Power Stations

  • Refineries

  • Oil Rigs

  • Military bases.

  • Single Sign On with no complex integration

    • Computers

    • ERP Sytems;

    • EHR Systems

  • Escorted/Unescorted transportation

  • Boarding/disembarkation management 

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