provides biometric tools to Universities to increase security and accountability on campus.


A university is by defintion a place where you want to encourage openess, ease of access and

free exchange of ideas.  


However that there is an issue about security is underscored by the Crime Awareness and

Campus Security Act of 1990 also known as the Clery Act 



Controlling access to dorms where students live and store their personal possessions can be a challenge. Students from other dorms or off campus housing and fraternities can all be visitors. How are security personnel supposed to know who is allowed in and who is not?


Register students who reside in the dorm with a palm vein scan. At night when the dorm is locked they scan their hand and the door opens. This properly controls access. If they are accompanied by a visitor then they scan their hand and using a touch screen interface, "add" a visitor (friend, parents etc.) to a visit. This creates a real time record of entry and, if policy so dictates, exit of the student and the visitors.


This not only increases security but has a meaningful safety aspect. If a fire should break out or the building has to be evacuated a record in real-time of who was in the building at the time of evacuation can be passed to first responders. The mobile element allows off site mustering to rapidly define who you have and, more important, who is not present. 

Laboratory Safety

Safety is a continuing challenge for universities everywhere,


Laboratories contain not only very valuable, highly stealable equipment but also a variety of pretty nasty substances. 


Managing access to the laboratory as a whole reduces the oportunity for theft of valuable equipment.


Managing access to chemicals, biologicals, radiologicals, compressed gas cylinders and other high risk substances is a major contribution to the safety, health and well being of students, faculty and staff.


myCampusSecure provides access control solutions to prevent unauthorized access and maintain a record of all activity.

Computer Access

Managing access to university computer systems with user names and passwords is not only an administrative nightmare but also wide open to abuse. 


Ensuring the right student is accessing the right data is important for both the administration as well as the student.


myCampusSecure™ removes the need for constant revision of passwords that may be lost, forgotten or stolen and replaces them with a simple palm vein scan that identifies the student (or faculty) in real time and allows them to move forward with their work. 

Events & Conferences

The mobile capability of the ePortID tool sets lets you take technology to the event. 


Using tablets or laptops use a palm vein scan to register attendees or confirm they are allowed in to the event. 


If the event allows a student to bring a guest then that guest can be "attached" to the student, creating a record of time, date, location and the guest or guests that attended with a student. 


For events with high profile attendees prevent unauthorized access to conference rooms or other spaces

Sports Equipment

So what difference does it make if a football is handed out to a student who doesn't return it? By itself not much, but in aggregate it adds up.


Sports equipment costs money and when it "walks" it has to be replaced.


Identify a student with a plam vein scan and then attach items of sports equipment to the record creating a log of all activity. If the student has been checked out with the equipment but fails to return it the record of issuance and to whom with time and date allows recovery of the item


Students are required to present identification before taking exams. In certain instances some students will pay a substitute to sit the exam for them to gain a better result. They enter the exam room using a shared or faked ID. 


With the advent of advanced graphics programs and laser printers faking identification documents has never been easier. 


To end this practice with a palm vein scan that quickly and easily confirms a students identity and creates a log of time and attendence.