myKidSecure™  integrates the Fujitsu PalmSecure® technology to ensure the right person picks up the right child. 


Reasonably priced and easy to use it’s very effective and lets you control who comes into your day care center.

“Incredible; awesome; it’s neat; I want this so badly for our school” are some of the comments myKidSecure™ has already received


Day Care Child Drop Off & Pick Up


We live in a world where bad things happen almost every day. Securing our greatest assets, children, is a really important requirement.


myKidSecure™ goes far beyond the standard sign in sheets or PIN numbers, RFID cards and FOBS which are expensive and  can be forgotten, stolen, lost and even forged.


Control access to the center at the door and/or the front desk and confirm the identity of the parent or guardian in just 2 seconds


A simple scan of the parent’s or guardians hand matches them in the system with the children they are associated with and prevents children from leaving with someone not authorized to pick them up. 


Better Reporting, Better Compliance

myKidSecure™ helps you run your business and saves you money.


A real time record of the childrens arrival and departure is automatically created, eliminating sign in sheets and making your record keeping more efficient and secure.


It ensures compliance with local, state and federal regulations. An added benefit is that PalmClock™ is included in the solution to record time and attendance of your staff, making payroll a breeze.


Parents are reassured that every possible measure has been taken to ensure the safety of the children, which is their primary concern.


After School Programs


Children who are older and attend after school programs scan in on arrival.  myKidSecure™ then sends the parents an e-mail or text message letting them know their child has arrived safely.


At pick-up the parent or authorized guardian scans their hand and the children they are associated with are displayed on the screen for the attendant to confirm and record departure.


If an authorized guardian picks up the child, then in addition to the verification of identity MyKidSecure™ sends a text or e-mail message to the parents advising them their child has been picked up safely.

Field Trip Module


MyKidSecure™ Field Trip module, helps teachers keep track of the kids.  It reduces the possibility of students getting lost or left behind.  


Current methods of tallying headcount at the end of a trip are difficult and cumbersome.


Using mobile devices, school employees are able to scan students on & off the bus, match headcount at set meeting points or at any place required.

School Transport

Fire Drills And Emergencies


In an emergency,  MyKidSecure™ can generate a headcount on the go with a mobile palm vein authentication device. 


Each group's information is shared in real-time, and compared against the current day's active attendance records, to provide an accurate list of all students accounted for.


MyKidSecure™ will alert school & emergency officials of any missing students from the roster so rapid action can be taken.