ID cards are so last century!


They get lost, shared or forgotton and cost you time & money to make and administer. If you choose RFID cards then the costs start to get pretty high.


With the advent of sophisticated graphics programs, high quality laser printers and very smart kids, an ID card is the easiest thing in the world to fake


In itself that's not such a great problem unless of course they are giving them to people who shouldn't have them.


It's sad we have to even think about things like this but the world is as we find it, not as we would like it to be and today security is unquestionably part of the mix.


ePortID biometric solutions are sets of tools that can be combined to answer different requirements. Here are some of the ways mySchoolSecure™ can benefit you:


  • Student time & attendance

  • Events - limit access to those who should be there

  • Positive student and staff identification

  • Point Of Sale applications in lunch rooms - no more over the shoulder PIN theft

  • Library check out

  • Sports equipment check out

  • Time and attendance for school and classes • Reduce truancy

  • Eliminate identical name problem

  • After school programs

  • Field trips

  • Fire drill

  • Enroll once and done

  • Prevent errors & omissions

  • Speed processing at all points of use

  • Increase student flow in the morning

  • Reliable & easy to use

  • Reporting & Trend analysis for management 

  • Paperless & Green 

  • Mustering off or on site for emergencies 


It's your solution so you should have a say in what it does. ePortID works with you every step of the way as a partner to create effective solutions.