What Is PalmYellow ?


The most comprehensive and efficient student transportation management system in the world. 


A blend of high technology from Fujitsu and common sense software from ePortID.


Together they create the perfect solution for the real-time logistics management of student transportation.

 What Are The Benefits ?


It's very fast, it's very accurate and it's very easy. For kids it's way cool !


For the driver it's a simple, automated way to manage the flow of children as the get on and off the bus.


No more children waking up 50 miles down the line

Mayday, Mayday

 PalmYellow  gives drivers a Mayday button.


Using it the driver can inform the school administrators about the problem.


Using the real-time GPS coordinates included as part of   PalmYellow  they can access the bus location, get details of the problem and a full passenger manifest that updates in real-time. 

 PalmYellow  gives school administrators sets of real-time tools to manage the complex logistics involved in the safe transportation of children to and from school and all points in between. 


Validated, real-time information about boardings and disembarkations. A self adjusting manifest and GPS location activity for both the children and the buses provides real value.


The increased efficiency and driver accountability significantly reduces costs. 


Special needs kids have special needs when it comes to transportation.


 PalmYellow  provides mobile tools to manage the transfer of custody and responsibility from caregiver to caregiver creating a seamless real time record of all activity

Parents and Guardians receive a text message or e-mail as their child gets on or off the bus, instantly letting them know about their childs activity. With everyone working at full stretch these days it's one less thing to worry about.