HotKeyID - Patient Identity Integrity

Palm Vein Scan Biometric Identity

Patient Identity Integrity

is in the palm of

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Palm Vein Scan Integrate with Medical Systems

The Problem Of Patient Identity Integrity


Accurate patient identification is foundational to the successful delivery of the right care to patients.


Keeping the master patient index (MPI) clean is a constant and expensive problem to corrrect for healthcare organizations and one which has real implications for patient safety. 


Faulty information entered at check-in streams straight through the system. This risks treatment errors and leads to eventual billing problems. Entities that participate in health information exchanges will export bad information into their networks.


Error-ridden MPI's hamper an organization’s ability to understand its patient population and its own performance, both for internal and external reporting.


Medical overlaps and overlays distort understanding of the severity of a patients condition which can dramatically increase the risk of medical errors and mortality. 


How to Fix The Problem


HotKeyID™ solves the problem by using palm vein scanning to identify a patient in real time with a 99.99992% accuracy even if unconcious or asleep.


HotKeyID™ is the 21st  Century real time, biometric solution for patient identity integrity in healthcare. Faster and more accurate than retina or finger print scanning, the Fujitsu Palm Secure® technology with HotKeyID™ verifies identity in two seconds.


The mobile capabilities of HotKeyID™ allow the technology to be used at the point of use, go to the patient instead of the patient coming to the technology. 


I don't just have one EHR system, I have 10 or 12


A breakthrough for hospitals, clinics, laboratories and GP’s offices HotKeyID™  works without expensive and costly integration with legacy systems. Instead it interfaces with them. HotKeyID™ is a rapid deployment solution that works anywhere patient identity integrity is needed.


This approach, unique to HotKeyID™, places no burden on over tasked IT departments.


So Where Can I use This?

Lots of places. These are just a few:

  • Registration- where a study at Johns Hopkins found most errors occur

  • Emergency Rooms - where the patient could be confused, not carry ID or be unconcious

  • Radiology - self check in where patients return regularly for treatment

  • Pre-Operative pauses - prior to a procedure scan the patients hand to confirm identity

  • Bedside medication - scan a patients hand to identify them and avoid medication errors

  • Pharmacies - allow only authorized personnel access to pharmacies 

  • Chemotherapy - match the patient to the right chemotherapy package



  • Greater patient safety

  • Faster, more accurate patient registration

  • Eliminate duplicate records

  • Eliminate patient overlaps and overlays

  • Improved protection from fraud

  • Eliminate patient ID theft

  • Eliminate sharing of insurance cards

  • Eliminate identical name problem

  • Enroll once and use at many locations

  • Reduce lawsuits

  • Increase patient throughput from efficiencies realized

  • Increases revenue cycle efficiencies and generates revenue

What About Patient Privacy & Data Security?

HotKeyID™ is fully encrypted and secure. On enrollment the pattern is encrypted. On the transport layer it is encrypted again and finally at the data at rest layer it is encrypted once more. 


HotKeyID™  does not capture any patient data and has no access to names, pictures of the hand, DOB's, SSN's or any other private data, only the patients MRN.  

Scan a hand and HotKeyID™  inserts the correct MRN into your EHR system for that patient and that patient only.


Currently it takes about 3 minutes to confirm a patients ID at registration. HotKeyID™ does it in 2 seconds. That's a 9000% increase in efficiency


This costs a lot, right?


No. HotKeyID™ is designed to pay for itself.


With no expensive and time consuming integration HotKeyID™ is up and running in hours. One low annual cost per patient. The more it’s used the less it costs – instant and substantial ROI.