HotKeyID - Retail Loss Prevention

It isn't a "Cost Of Doing Business", it's theft


Most organizations are vulnerable to embezzlement from a dishonest employee. A retail establishment is especially vulnerable because of the high volume of cash passing through the business. 


There are three (3) main areas where a retail establishment is vulnerable;


  • Theft of cash

  • Unauthorized write off of bills

  • "Phantom" merchandize returns


To fight this, many cash registers or POS systems require a PIN or a swipe card to tie the transaction to the employee. That's fine as far as it goes but both are vulnerable to copying, sharing or theft.


How Do I Keep Register Transactions Safe?


HotKeyID™ using Fujitsu PalmSecure® technology interfaces with your cash register or POS system and ties the employees palm vein pattern to the transaction. Palm vein patterns can't be spoofed or faked and are accurate to 99.99992%. 


Make It Mobile


A new trend in retail is to have sales staff on the floor record a transaction with a mobile device. ePortID™ provides a mobile device that incorporates a tablet, a scanner housed in a a portable case with three extra USB ports for credit card processing and/or barcode scanners. 


Increase Accountability and Visibility


There are many studies that show just the presence of technology that identifies the user reduces theft. Using palm vein scanning is a visible increase in security at the register. 


The log files generated by HotKeyID™  provide managment with activity records of every scan at every register and does it in real time.


Network it


Multiple locations? Not a problem. Network HotKeyID™ across your company LAN or use the secure and encrypted API. Employees from managers to sales clerks can move between stores and be identified in 2 seconds.


A terminated employee can be deactivated instantly and any attempt to operate a register is denied and a record an attempt was made is recorded.


We can't promise to stop every type of retail theft but we can help you make it much harder.