HotKeyID - Secure Sign On to Any Computer System

The Key

To Data Security

Is in the Palm Of Your Employees Hand

How much is your data worth?


Protect the data. Everyday this becomes more important. Prevent unauthorized access to sensitive information with Fujitsu PalmSecure® technology powered by HotKeyID™


Passwords are a CIO's nightmare. They have to be changed frequently, people forget them, lose them or put them up on their wall in big red letters. 


Now you can assign an employee a secure password of 20, 30 or more characters which can be entered in two (2) seconds by scanning the users palm vein pattern. That makes brute force hack attacks virtually impossible.


Best of all the user doesn't even have to know the password they have been assigned if you so choose.


They can't forget it, lose it, share it or write it down and stick it on the wall.


The pattern of veins under the skin which uniquely identify an individual cannot be faked or spoofed.


Network It

Connect multiple computers in multiple locations together. Enroll in New York and use it in Shanghai.

Make It Mobile

Working outside the company LAN ? No problem, with a secure API prompted by a scan on a local machine, the users template is retrieved and access can be granted.


Where Can I Use It?

Use it for sign on to ERP Systems like Oracle, EPIC or SAP. Use it to sign on to browser based systems. In fact use it anywhere you need to protect access to sensitive data. 

Integration is always a nightmare.
Large legacy ERP or EHR systems don't want to be integrated with. The process is lengthy and expensive.
HotKeyID™ overcomes this problem by interfacing with systems.
This approach, unique to HotKeyID, places no burden on overtasked IT departments and ties multiple systems together with one solution.