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Data Access Management

Secure Your Data

Secure Single Sign On

Ten Most Common Passwords

123456        123456789

qwerty         password

12345          qwerty123

1q2w3e       12345678

111111        1234567890

Take all these









Hand with passwords

And store them here

DAM™ is simple to use, easy to set up and requires no integration with core systems.

Password management is a nightmare.

Either too short and easy to brute force hack or too long for any sane person to remember.


DAM™ lets you assign a multiple digit password that's stored in the vein pattern you never have to remember

DAM™  allows management of users across multiple systems in multiple locations using a password so secure it can take 37 septillion years to crack

No lost, forgotten or shared passwords or keeping track of employees resetting their passwords with their pets names.

Use it to log in to sites and documents

Networked Computers

Connect multiple locations on a secure sub-net or VPN using static IP's locked for network security

Tablet Computer
Desktop Computer

Use on a stand alone laptop, tablet or PC

Retail Loss Prevention

Each year thousands of employees are caught stealing from their employers and co-workers.

Employee theft is perceived by some to be the most severe problem facing industry today.

Loss prevention and inventory shrinkage is a constant drain on profits. 

Use DAM to interface with your POS to ensure the right employee is using the till or accessing the stock room.

Increase accountability and visibility.

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