HotKeyID - Interface, don't integrate

HotKeyID™ the most accurate and fastest way to verify identity across multiple data systems in real time. 

There are many ways HotKeyID™ can be applied. Here are just some of them.

Pretty important knowing exactly who the patient is so the right treatment can be administered.


HotKeyID is simple to use, just click a key and verify identity in two (2) seconds.


Use it at registration, in the Emergency Room, for bedside medication, pre-operative pauses, the chemo chair, in fact everywhere patient identity integrity is mission critical to the care being offered.

Protect the data. Everyday this becomes more important. Prevent unauthorized access to sensitive information.

HotKeyID lets you manage users across multiple systems in mulitple locations using a password so secure it can take 137,434, 000 centuries to crack.

No lost, forgotton or shared passwords or keeping track of employees resetting their passwords with their pets names.

The 26th Annual Retail Theft Survey found 78,085 dishonest employees apprehended in 2013, up 6.5% from 2012. 

Loss prevention and inventory shrinkage is a constant drain on profits. 

Use HotKeyID™ to interface with your POS to ensure the right employee is using the till or accessing the stock room.

Increase accountability and visibility.