ePortID™ LLC is a divison of ePortation Inc. and was created to answer the growing demand for easy to use, reliable and accurate biometric identity verification solutions. 


We draw on 15 years of knowledge and experience from our parent company, 

ePortation Inc.  building logistics and security solutions for the US Navy, US Army JTF, US Marine Corps, Philadelphia Regional Port Authority, and commercial customers like Intermarine, Caterpillar, Coastal Maritime, South Jersey Port, Tata Steel and many others. We know what works.


Our expertise in informatics integrates the real world, real people, management goals and technology to meet the required business objectives in real time. 


ePortID™ is a solutions development partner with  FujitsuFrontech N.A.


Our technical development relationship with Fujitsu, one of the world's most respected technology companies, provides our customers with the assurance the solution they choose is well thought out, proven, solid, reliable and dependable.

In the end all you want is something you can trust to work!


Palm vein scanning is very fast and accurate to 99.99992%. It can't be spoofed or faked. 


We have given context and capabilities to this amazing technology  to answer identity verification needs in a variety of locations and situations.






PalmSecure Palm Vein Scan
Why Do I Need This?


There are three things any company needs to protect; peopleassets and data.


Identifying a person with ease, speed and accuracy to ensure the right action is being taken has many applications in a complex world with ever changing threats.


Preventing the wrong person from gaining access to the wrong place or thing is the central element of securing people, places and assets.

uses a near infrared light to read the pattern of veins under the palm of the hand. This pattern is unique to every individual on the planet, including identical twins.

With a 99.99992% accuracy rate PalmSecure® properly identifies an individual in seconds. Learn more.

The Key To Success


A simple, secure, encrypted solution that doesn't get in the way of work day operations, provides both fixed and mobile capability and is flexible enough to adapt to changing circumstances.  Most important; it has to be reasonably priced . 

We Built That


The ePortID™ suite of solutions provides sets of easy to use, flexible tools you can tailor to your requirements and at an affordable price.


You can use it for:


Security; workforce management; patient identity integrity; physical access control: data access control: visitor management and a host of other possibilites only you can define. 


You can use it at:


– Buildings, Offices, Hospitals, Warehouses, Storage Depots, Factories, Research Labs

– Seaports; Airports; Power Stations; Refineries; Oil Rigs; Military bases.

– Single Sign On: Computers; ERP Sytems; EHR Systems and no complex integration

– Escorted/Unescorted transportation, boarding/disembarkation management 


And those are just the ones we thought of.

It's As Easy As




Is It Affordable ?

Yes. Very. 


Just because it’s high tech doesn’t mean only government facilities and multinationals can afford to secure their people, assets and data using the best technology available.


We understand that price has to scale to the business. The needs or budget of a small company are not the same as those of a large one.


Whether your company is large, medium or small we can provide a solution to meet your business needs and budget. 


ePortID™ offers  more cost effective, flexible and adaptable solutions than existing, older, and less reliable biometric methods.