ePortID™ LLC is a divison of ePortation Inc. and was created to answer the growing demand for easy to use, reliable and accurate biometric identity verification solutions. 


We draw on 18 years of knowledge and experience from our parent company, 

ePortation Inc.  building logistics and security solutions for the US Navy, US Army JTF, US Marine Corps, Philadelphia Regional Port Authority, and commercial customers like Intermarine, Caterpillar, Coastal Maritime, South Jersey Port, Tata Steel and many others. We know what works.


Our expertise in informatics integrates the real world, real people, management goals and technology to meet the required business objectives in real time. 


ePortID™ is a solutions application development partner with  FujitsuFrontech N.A.


Our technical development relationship with Fujitsu, one of the world's most respected technology companies, provides our customers with the assurance the solution they choose is well thought out, proven, solid, reliable and dependable.

In the end all you want is something you can trust to work!

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