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Knowing exactly who the patient is so the right treatment can be administered is fundamental to providing the best care.


DAM is simple to use easy to set up and requires no integration with EHR systems.


Just click a key and verify identity in two (2) seconds

Patient Identity

Use it at:

  • Registration,

  • Emergency Room,

  • Bedside medication

  • Pre-operative pauses

  • Chemo chair

In fact everywhere patient identity integrity is mission critical to the care being offered.

Duplicate medical records and overlays are an ongoing problem for healthcare facilities. It occurs when a single patient is associated with more than one medical record.

In many cases duplicate medical records are partial duplicates that only capture a portion of a patient's medical history.

An overlay occurs when one patient's record is overwritten with data from another patient's record, creating a combined, inaccurate record.

f patients are treated based on incomplete or inaccurate knowledge about their medical history or profile, serious errors and complications can happen.

AHIMA has reported that the average duplication rate in is between 8 and 12 percent

Aside from the obvious danger to patients there is a real cost to medical overlaps and overlays. Healthcare facilities spend literally $100's of thousands of dollars every few years with outside vendors to reconcile records. Not only is this expensive but takes up valuable time and resources.

All that goes away with the ePortID system.

Controlled Access

Electronic records have many benefits but also pose unique privacy risks.

Electronic records allow the collection, use and disclosure of large amounts of personal health information from diverse sources at the press of a key.

Electronic records may also increase the risk of unauthorized access to personal health information by custodians and their agents with role-based access privileges.

Biometric authentication of doctors, nurses and other staff prevent unauthorized access to privileged data

PalmVein Scan Hand

The only contactless biometric that can't be stolen, hacked, copied, lost or stolen

DAMthat's good

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