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Biometric access control

Office Security

The most important asset of any company are the people who work there .
Protect them by ensuring only the right people have access to your offices.
It's not only your people who need to be protected but physical assets as well. 
Loss of valuable equipment represents not only expense but has a major impact on operations. 
Generate real-time alerts for unauthorized access attempts or for terminated employees trying to gain entry
Server Bank
ePortPass allows a card scan and a contactless palm vein scan for one-to-one identification.
This solves the inherent problem of using only RFID cards which are not secure and can be shared, lost, stolen, cloned or copied

Credentials that are out of date or used in the wrong location or at the wrong time are rejected and real time alerts are generated. 
Control Room

Safety Deposit Vaults

A financial institution wanted to change how customers accessed safety deposit boxes. Instead of waiting in line at a counter for an employee to escort them they wanted to allow access after the customer had had their identity confirmed. 
ePortPass provided a wall mounted unit connected to the electric strike. Customers scan their hand and, when identity is confirmed, the door unlocks providing instant access saving time, increasing security and providing an excellent customer experience.
Office Building
The foundational plank of cyber-security is managed access to server rooms
Data is a key and important asset of any company. 
Only those with the correct permissions are allowed to access server rooms. Maintain records of entry and exit and how long they were there
Generate real-time alerts from unauthorized access attempts. Once is an accident, twice is absent minded and three time is a definite attempt at a breach
Man Scanninbg RFID card
A common method to penetrate a facility is arriving  
wearing coveralls, carrying a tool box, a clipboard and claiming to have been called to check the air conditioning. From there gaining access to the server room, often next to the electrical spaces, is easy (sometimes it is as easy using the crawl space between locked rooms). Then a small device is attached to the network, planted between server racks allowing remote access to company data. 
Enrolling a vendor into the ePortPass system with limited access permissions prevent this from happening.
Safety Deposit Vault



Office Security
Two-Part Authentication
Basement Spaces
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