Partners & Distributors

We are honoured to be a development partner with Fujitsu, a company long renowned for excellence in technology.


ePortID™ and PalmSecure®  provides new capabilities for real-time identity verification solutions built around real world requirements.

We couldn't do what we do without a reliable managed hosting partner. INetU has proved themselves over and over as a solid, dependable company. 


We rely on them to keep things going even when conditions like a national power grid failure shuts others down.

Vessing Engineering is a company who shares the vision of practical, mobile solutions to fix real problems.


Vessing has developed a casing that incorporates the palm vein scanner, a tablet and three USB ports all in one, well designed, sleek package.


For outside applications keeping everything tight and dry is critical. We reasearched what was available and the best solution comes from Nanotech USA. We coat the sensor and water just rolls right off preventing raindrops accumulating on the surface of the scanner and interfering with a scan.

For access control solutions you need experienced and knowledgable partners focused on providng the best technology to solve the problem specific to the situation. We have partnered with ICSH in Houston who are an approved ePortID distributor.


If you want solutions that work they are your go to company in the greater Houston area. 

Creative Insurance Concepts provide their customers  risk management and loss control services for small and large businesses, cities, counties, state agencies, public authorities and non-profit organizations. 


CIC is an approved ePortID distributor. We provide them with biometric security tools for use in all segments of their business