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Education & Safety
Biometric Identity

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School Safety

It's sad we even have to think about security at daycare centers, schools and college campuses but recent events have shown we absolutely need to.

Preventing the wrong person from gaining access to an educational facility is key element in school and campus security. 

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myKidSecure™  is the fastest, most efficient and easiest to use daycare attendance management system in the world.

It uses advanced palm vein scanning biometric to record the arrival and departure of students, visitors and vendors.

Deploy myKidSecure™ at fixed locations or off site with mobile devices.

It can’t be spoofed or fooled. No more lost or shared ID cards, no more late arrivals or early departures.

Reduce operational expense and increase accuracy and safety with myKidSecure , the 21’st century time and attendance solution for today’s educational institutions.
Reasonably priced and easy to use it’s very effective and lets you control who comes into your day care center.

“Incredible; awesome; it’s neat; I want this so badly for our school” are some of the comments myKidSecure™ has already received

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ID cards are so last century!


They get lost, shared or forgotten and cost you time & money to make and administer. If you choose RFID cards then the costs start to get pretty high.


With the advent of sophisticated graphics programs, high quality laser printers and very smart kids, an ID card is the easiest thing in the world to fake

ePortID biometric solutions are a set of tools that can be combined to answer different requirements. Here are some of the ways mySchoolSecure™ can benefit you:


  • Student time & attendance

  • Events - limit access to those who should be there

  • Positive student and staff identification

  • Point Of Sale applications in lunch rooms - no more over the shoulder PIN theft

  • Library check out

  • Sports equipment check out

  • Time and attendance for school and classes • Reduce truancy

  • Eliminate identical name problem

  • After school programs

  • Field trips

  • Fire drill

  • Enroll once and done

  • Prevent errors & omissions

  • Speed processing at all points of use

  • Increase student flow in the morning

  • Reliable & easy to use

  • Reporting & Trend analysis for management 

  • Paperless & Green 

  • Mustering off or on site for emergencies 


It's your solution so you should have a say in what it does. ePortID works with you every step of the way as a partner to create effective solutions. 

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Provides biometric tools to Universities to increase security and accountability on campus.


A university is by definition a place where you want to encourage openness, ease of access and

free exchange of ideas.  


However that there is an issue about security is underscored by the Crime Awareness and

Campus Security Act of 1990 also known as the Clery Act 

Use it for

  • Dorms

  • Laboratory Safety

  • Computer Access

  • Sports Equipment

  • Events & Conferences

  • Exams

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What Is  PalmYellow  ?


The most comprehensive and efficient student transportation management system in the world. 


A blend of high technology from Fujitsu and common sense software from ePortID.


Together they create the perfect solution for the real-time logistics management of student transportation.

What Are The Benefits ?


It's very fast, it's very accurate and it's very easy. For kids it's way cool !


For the driver it's a simple, automated way to manage the flow of children as the get on and off the bus.


No more children waking up 50 miles down the line

 PalmYellow   gives drivers a Mayday button.


Using it the driver can inform the school administrators about the problem.


Using the real-time GPS coordinates included as part of   PalmYellow  they can access the bus location, get details of the problem and a full passenger manifest that updates in real-time. 

Special needs kids have special needs when it comes to transportation.


 PalmYellow   provides mobile tools to manage the transfer of custody and responsibility from caregiver to caregiver creating a seamless real time record of all activity

Parents and Guardians receive a text message or e-mail as their child gets on or off the bus, instantly letting them know about their child's activity. With everyone working at full stretch these days it's one less thing to worry about. 

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