Biometric Identity Security for the Real World

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cloud computing

Cloud Computing

ePortID™ was in the cloud before most knew

a cloud was there. We deployed our first cloud solution in 2002. Trust our knowledge and experience to work for you.

Data Security

ePortID™ understands the need for security.

Our solutions are encrypted to the highest standard and on every layer. ePortID™ has  24 hour monitoring and intrusion detection. 


Take technology to the event, don't wait for the event to come to technology. ePortID™ has 15 years of experience deploying easy to use, mobile tools for front line operations .

Helping you find the right  solutions.

ePortID™ thinks software should adapt to people, not people adapt to software.


ePortID™ has many tools and capabilities. Combine them together to create solutions that work for you.


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