Lots Of Ways to use Palm Vein Scanning

On Desktops

Scanners come as a mouse, a mouse with a guide, a scanner with a guide or a U-Guide, good for counter tops or other locations.

Mouse for palm vein scan
Mobile palm vein scanner
Desktop palm vein scanner

Attached to Doors

Attach to doors, walls and turnstiles.

All units are ruggedized for outside or very heavy industrial use. We can also provide two part authentication using a HID/RFID card which prompts a palm scan. Verify the person not the plastic.

Total Mobility

A Fujitsu F 5635 with an integrated sensor in one sleek, lightweight unit and rugged (IP67) unit. Total mobility which can be linked to your other scanning stations for a total solution. 


A kiosk  can be used in many places. At an entrance to a building, at hospitals and medical clinics, government buildings, college dorms and in fact anywhere you want to manage access with self-registration.

Kiosk palm vein scanning