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The Invisible Key

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Security Done Right

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Invisible Biometric

It can't be lost, shared, forgotten duplicated or stolen

You are unique. That includes your vein structure.

An identity derived from 5 million points creates a pattern shared by no one else, even your identical twin.

A contactless Palm Vein scan verifies identity to grant access. either physical or logical.
Verify the person, not the plastic they hold.
Protect the things you value, 


Palm Vein Scanning is the most accurate secure, contactless biometric available.

A near infrared light illuminates the vein pattern, checks for "liveness" and verifies identity.
It can't be copied, shared, forgotten, lost or stolen.
Accurate to 99.99991% it takes under 2 seconds. 

Palm Vein scanner
Hand with vein patterns

Use it at


Secure Your Access

ePortPass Logo

Easy to Use:

Contactless; hold your hand over the reader and it's done.

One, two or three part authentication

Replace insecure RFID cards or integrate them into ePortID

Interface with existing access control systems via Wiegand or OSDP

Power electric strikes or mag-locks

Man scanning palm at door
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Palmclock logo

Eliminate buddy punching

Create an indisputable record of time & attendance

Reduce payroll processing expense

Increase revenue


Seaport Security 

Secure The Port with

Using contactless palm vein scanning we integrate TWIC verification in real time.

SeaPortPass verifies the TWIC against the TSA Cancelled card list.

Using a Wiegand signal in any bit format we activate the gate controller for entry. 

For vehicle gates the Quintain Gate system allows scanning for drivers and passengers.  

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Data Access Management

Secure Your Data

A scanner mouse and and ePortID intelligent

Data Access Management solution

provides positive identification allowing

secure single sign on to any data system or site

F-Pro Mouse
Students in Class

Safety In Schools

Secure Students and Teachers
Secure Your Schools

Parked School Buses
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